With the advances in printer technology over the years wall art has now become an affordable solution to large impact graphics available in a vast array of medias for short or long term projects. Simple printed vinyl graphics have now been superseded with vinyls offering huge advances in high grab adhesives that allow walls to be wrapped in vinyl for a cost effective long lasting solution to wall graphics.

In situations where the images may need to be changed from time to time the use of dye sublimation printed soft image banners housed in slimline aluminium frames has taken off. Another great feature of this is that if the banners are installed in an area that attracts dirt or dust, the banners can simply be put in a washing machine and simply re-installed.

For those looking to have smaller images displayed rather than totally covering the wall there are many options available, starting with reverse printed acrylic panels which give stunningly vibrant results with contemporary feel, printed MDF panels on stand off split battens give high impact with the appearance of the panels floating.